*Johnny Bill was recently interviewed by Fightback Zine out of Redford, Michigan. The following is a complete unedited transcript of the interview*

December 9, 2011

What’s your name?

My name is Johnny Bill

What do you do in the band?

I am the vocalist for American Lesion

How long has american Lesion been around?

We have been going strong since about July of 2009, and in all that time, just one personnel change. Not too bad for a bunch of paranoid cynics....

What made you want to start playing music in the first place?

Everyone in the band has his own reasons and background, but for me, it has always been the ability to vent and say what I feel strongly about. People always hassle you about saying shit, but for some reason, they seem to take it better through music.

For those who haven't heard you guys yet who might you sound similar to?

I guess we get compared to a ton of bands, which is cool. Although I think we really don't fit all together with those comparisons. Perhaps we are like a cross between Black Sabbath, and early Danzig stuff. We like to transcend genres as much as possible.

Who are some bands we may not have heard yet but should check out?

iNgrain, Holocaustion, Beelzebubba, Graveyard Boulevard.....there are quite a few

What is the most memorable show you guys have played so far?

I think opening for the Misfits was a high point. We had a great time and the crowd was great you know.... We also had a lot of fun playing our very first cd release party at a strip club. We have played there a few times. Tits and liquor, essentials to a man's life it seems.

How have you seen things change from when you guys first started?

How would like to see it change?

Musically, we have advanced, and always will I think. But music, in general, has been at a stalemate for some time. There are good bands doing their thing but they always run the gambit of becoming "cookie cutter". I never want to fuckin do that. This band has gone through only a few changes and they have been positive for the most part.

I know you just put an album out recently do you have any plans to tour?

Yes, tour dates are being scheduled as of this writing. It looks as though we will mainly be playing the southeastern US, but we may get out there a little more. We shall see. We have fans wanting us all over the place, but some areas are just impossible to book in. So hopefully we can get close enough to the majority of folks!

What is the easiest way to get in touch with you guys if someone wants you to play a show?

Go to the website at www.americanLesion.com

There is a page with contact information on bookings and appearances.

What is the main message of the band if there is a main message?

We just write music with a painfully truthful message, but it's intended to be translated into the listener's personal language. We are seditious, sentimental, paranoid, callous Americans...haha.

Do you have any advice for someone that is about to start their first band or just started playing in a band?

It's difficult, but if you have any talent it's worth it. Well, it can be worth it. But do something original.